The Place : Dhuturdaha, Minakhan District : North 24 Parganas

Dhuturdaha is a serene village located just 51 km from Kolkata. The place is dotted with endless fishing lakes (bheri), vegetable gardens, ponds, palm trees, mango groves, and local temples. Here you will experience different shades of village life. This spot is ideal for stress removal after a whole week of hard work. The vast endless sky touches the green horizon here. Enjoy a get together with your family and friends beside the pond, or do some fishing in the lakes. Dip your tired legs in the cool water of the pond and you will feel completely relaxed.

Dhuturdaha is the best for spending weekends in all seasons.  The village feels much cooler than the city during the summer as the place is dotted by large ponds and fishing-lakes. Monsoon too is beautiful at the village and variety of fishes are available in monsoon. Winter months experience maximum number of picnickers.

If you are going by car, then you have to take Basanti Highway from Science City and reach Minakhan. From Minakhan, you can take the road going right to Dhuturdaha. All Buses connecting Malancha from Kolkata will cross Minakhan. You have to get down at Minakhan and take a local Auto Rickshaw to Dhuturdaha.

The main attraction of Dhuturdaha is the numerous fishing lakes. These lakes stretch as far as you can see over the horizon. The village is dotted with vegetable gardens blooming with all types of vegetables from cabbages and cauliflowers to ladies fingers. You can also visit the local temple under the shadows of a Peepal tree or watch the local women sifting rice under the wood-plaque (Dheki). The best thing you can do here is to watch the slices of village life pass around you. You can do casual birdwatching of some local birds around Dhuturdaha and walk around the fringes of the fish lakes. You can also enjoy boating within the resort and try your hand in fishing. The resort has a beautiful boating area inside the resort complex.

Variety of fishes are available in Dhuturdaha as Malancha fish market is nearby.  All resorts and restaurants serve mouthwatering lobster dishes alongwith freshwater fishes like tangra, koi, pabda and many other fish delicacies.

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