The Place : Maheshganj Estate, Balakhana District : Nadia

French in its architecture, and built in the late 18th century as a Neel Kothi or ‘Indigo House’, Balakhana at Nabadwip in Nadia district, was the residency of an indigo planter.  Indigo was the prime colonial cash crop of the time, but its forced cultivation, which was the British practice, caused a peasants’ uprising in 1859. With force being banned by the British Government in 1863, indigo lost ground. Jute and tea became the new cash crops. By the 1870s Balakhana Estate was put up for sale by its then owner, Henry Nesbitt Savi, an Englishman. The property was bought by its present owners, the Palchoudhuris, wealthy traders of the 19th century.

Maheshganj has a tropical wet climate and the best time to visit the city is from November to March. The average day temperature is within 23°C to 26°C, falling to 15°C to 18°C at night. December to January nights can go down to 9°C. This is a good time to visit and take in the warmth of the fireplace in the living room and bonfire outdoor.

Maheshganj Estate, Balakhana is shut to visitors after the Easter weekend, till end of June, re-opens on 1st of July, as the rains set in and the ambient is a little cooler.


Route 1 – VIA NH 34

From Park circus seven point crossing take Ma Flyover then EM Bypass then Airport.
Turn Right on Jessore Road towards Madhyamgram then Barasat till Kalyani Crossing, take the road which leads to Ranaghat railway crossing, cross Fulia then Shantipur Bypass, keep left on NH 34 at bifurcation before Krishnagar, turn left after level crossing on Nabadip Ghat Road and continue driving for next 8 km to Maheshganj. Enter through old Red Pillars to BALAKHANA


Take Kona Expressway then Delhi Road and then Durgapore Expressway, drive till Gurap PS, don’t take the flyover, turn right and take the road which goes to Kalna, cross Dhatrigram and Samudragarh and then turn right from Hemat Crossing towards Nabadwip. Cross Gouranga Setu (a bridge over the Hooghly). After 4 km of drive a conspicuous pink temple comes on your left (the place iscalled Mukundapur), take the narrow village road and drive till Maheshganj BDO office and the property is just beside to the BDO office.


 Hazarduari Exp No. 13113 –
Departs Kolkata (Chitpur) 6.50 AM, arrives Krishnagar 9.15 AM
Hazarduari Exp No 13114 –
Departs Krishnagar 7.00 PM, arrives Kolkata (Chitpur) 9.30 PM

Bhagirathi Exp No 13103 –
Departs Sealdah 6.20 PM, arrives Krishnagar 8.30 PM
Bhagirathi Exp No. 13104 –
Departs Krishnagar 7.15AM, arrives Sealdah 10.30 AM

Dhanadhanya Exp No. 13117 –
Departs Kolkata (Sun, Tue, Thur) 4.10 PM, arrives Krishnagar 6.25 PM
Dhanadhanya Exp No. 13118 –
Departs Krishnagar (Mon, Wed, Fri) 9.25 AM, arrives Kolkata 11.40 AM

Daily local EMU trains ply hourly from Sealdah to Krishnagar

Maheshganj Estate is an ideal weekend destination. The long and wide balcony of the  extravagant house is perfect  to curl up with a book. The grounds offer long walks amid trees and gardens, with deck chairs under umbrellas to sit amid the greenery, watching the many varieties of birds which you can identify from a book. If you prefer to unwind in the house, play snooker or billiards on the vintage Lazarus table, throw some darts, play a few rounds of ping pong or carom, or a few hands of cards. On chilly nights gather in the living room around the fireplace. Go up to the roof and see the clear starry night. In the morning, go for a slow cruise on a country boat on the Jalangi, flowing 300 metres from Balakhana. In December and January, take a boat to the Purbasthali oxbow lake, watch migrant fowl and ducks and river dolphins.

Balakhana’s kitchen offers variety of food, an English breakfast, Bengali lunch, Continental and Indian at dinner; sweets, savouries, cakes and puddings. The meals are healthy, ample and delicious. The fruits, vegetables and milk are the produce of the estate.

Lunch and Dinner charges as follow :
Vegetarian at Rs. 400 per person per meal
Non Vegetarian at Rs. 500 per person per meal

There are 2 AC rooms and 3 Non-AC Guestrooms available at Maheshganj Estate, Balakhana.

Contact :

+91 98313 28486
+91 98312 70807