The Place : Santalabari District : Alipurduar

Santalabari , small beautiful village in the deep of Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) core area. This village is one of the most popular area and considered as the best inside the Reserve Forest especially for nature lovers. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is located in the Buxa hills of the southern hilly area of Bhutan. Animals found in the park include, the tiger, civet and red jungle fowl. Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) lies in Alipurduar  district of West Bengal. Its northern boundary runs along the international border with Bhutan. The Sinchula hill range lies all along the northern side of Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) and the Eastern boundary touches that of the Assam State.

Summer and winter months are the best for visiting  Santalabari.  During the monsoon the village is almost inaccessible.

The Nearest railhead to Santalabari is Alipurduar Junction which is just 17 km away. New Jalpaiguri rail station is 150 km from Buxa Tiger Reserve. So if you are travelling by a train, getting down at Alipurduar Junction is the best idea. If you are travelling by air the most convenient airport is Bagdogra around 160 kms away from the location.

1. Visit to Jayanti River Bed

Santalabari is  located along the Jayanti River, forming a natural border with the Bhutan hills. The enormous river bed is popular with hikers for its beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and wild fountains. The 13 km trek from Buxaduar to Jayanti is especially popular, passing through the dense forest of the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

2. Trekking

 Buxa nestled at a height of 2,600 ft. is a two-hour trek through breathtaking surroundings which starts from Santalabari. The 4 km further trek to Rover Point, the haven of unknown birds, nestled at 4500 ft is truly exciting. Many trek enthusiasts also enjoy a 14 km trek to Roopam Valley in Bhutan. From Buxa, tourists can also take the 13 km trekking route to Jayanti, preferably with a guide. A stalactite cave is also found at Jayanti, known as the Mahakal cave.

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