The Place : Mayapur District : Nadia

If your are tired of trekking and adventurous tourism and want to spend a quiet weekend with spiritual touch then Mayapuris the place for you . The pious ambience and the tranquil nature of the place will bring peace to your mind. Mayapur is situated in an area somewhere in the middle of the rivers Hoogly and Jalangi and is one of the nine islands of the Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadham Nabadwip.

Throughout the year

If you go by car, you have to cross Barasat, Ranaghat, Krishnagar and before you reach Bangram station, turn left and drive 11 km on the concrete road to Mayapur. The total distance from Kolkata is 132 kms. If you go by rail, you have to reach Nabadwip or Krishnagar first, both covering a distance of 13 kms and then take the ferry service to cross the river and reach Mayapur. Even you can go via the package bus services from Kolkata to Iskon or take a bus to Mayapur from Dharmatala that leaves at 6a.m. in the morning.

The biggest attraction in Mayapur is the Iskon Temple Complex. Even if a person is not spiritually inclined, he or she would find the place an abode of peace. The temple complex has a beautiful garden along the side of the river, its own farm, playground and pond. The morning and evening prayers in the Temple is a spiritual as well as a visual treat. One can sit inside the temple throughout the day and meditate. Morning and evening walks inside the garden promenade is also mind blowing .

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