The Place : Junput District : East Midnapore

A temple that served as the setting of a classic novel, a lighthouse overlooking the confluence of a river and the sea, winding trails lined by casuarina and eucalyptus, a secluded beach — Junput offers plenty of attractions for those willing to look beyond Digha and Mandarmani. Junput is best reached through Contai, about 150 km from Calcutta. Buses and Trekkers are available from the town to Junput crossing, approximately 10 km away. Follow the dyke bordered by eucalyptus trees towards the resort. It abuts a huge lake and encompasses vegetable gardens and large ponds spanned by narrow bridges.

Throughout the year.

Buses are available from Kolkata to Contai. The journey takes about four hours. It will take another 40 minutes to reach Junput by bus. Junput to Haripur on cycle-van takes about 90 minutes and costs about Rs 60.Contai is also well connected by railway network and buses from Kolkata. You can take Tamralipta Express from Howrah station at 6.40 in the morning and reach Contai at 9 and take an auto to Junput, or board Howrah Digha Superfast Express at 11.10 in the morning from Howrah and reach Contai at 1.50 in the noon and take an auto or a rickshaw to Junput resort. Two other trains connecting Howrah and Cointai are Paharia Express and Kandari Express, leaving Howrah at 10.44am and 4.50 in the evening respectively.

The best thing to do in Junput is to walk along the sea beach. A beach trekking to Mondermoni favourite among the tourists.

Junput Resort 

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